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Sunday, July 30, 2006

new Version 1330Beta out

Version 1330 Beta fixes a number of Bugs and sports a small interface redesign to make it more resolution independent. It also senses if you have a previous version installed and recognises old savegames.

Go grab the patch from the WIKI download page.

changelist V1330Beta

* Fixed VoxelEditor Loading Bug
* Fixed Saving/Loading and Character referencing
* implemented Saving hidden branches
* Fixed Collisionsize on Pawns
* Fixed blank Textinput field
* Fixed SetPose Node feedback
* Fixed simple Node selection feedback (Cameras, etc)
* Fixed some "Accessed None"'s when scaling a character
* implemented: now saves last known Camera position
* Fixed cleanup after deleting Pawns and Actors
* Fixed "bFirstStart" - now autosensing
* Changed some coloring for Cameras and Keyframes
* implemented "Voxelshaders"
* implemented basic Decals
* Fixed scaling gridsize when scaling BlockBrush
* Fixed BlockBrush deletion now more forgiving
* implemented interface changes

It also introduces so-called "Voxelshaders" which will be interfaced in the next Patch to enable non-photorealistic rendering. To get anidea on how this works, create a VoxelPawn and place it in your Map. Then open the Unreal Console and type in "BlocksToBrushes".

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